Metallographic inspection of precision machined parts
Metallographic inspection of precision machined parts
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Metallographic inspection of precision machined parts

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Product processing process is complex, high surface treatment requirements, in addition to the daily precision detection, measurement, but also the need for metallographic testing.What is metallographic analysis?Please see the following information: 

Metallographic examination analysis, not only has the organization identification and the appraisal, already has the qualitative and the quantitative, the semi-quantitative examination.The contents of the metallographic examination can be summarized as follows :

(1) the structure and defects of the matrix phase of the material;

(2) non-uniformity of microstructure orientation and state, such as banding, uneven distribution, grain size, etc.;

(3) type, structure, composition, quantity, morphology, size and distribution of the second phase;(4) study the crystal structure of atomic button force distribution and the atomic and ionic structure of electron energy distribution.In terms of microstructure examination, the microstructure examination is to establish a three-dimensional structure graph through a two-dimensional cross section view, so in the microstructure examination is divided into four levels.Correctly identify what the microstructure is;Qualitative microstructure state;Quantitative microstructure state;Relationship between microstructure and properties.

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