CNC machine tools in the course of the precautions
CNC machine tools in the course of the precautions
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CNC machine tools in the course of the precautions

  Numerical control system part of the operating data, setting data and processing procedures are generally stored in the RAM memory, the system power, by the power of the backup battery or lithium battery to maintain. As a result, downtime is longer, unplugging the power supply or memory may result in data loss, the system can not run.

  At the same time, due to the NC equipment is the use of three-phase AC 380V power supply, so the safety of CNC equipment installation is an important part of pre-work, based on the above reasons, the use of CNC equipment power supply has the following requirements:

  First, the grid voltage fluctuations should be controlled between +10% --- 15%, while China's power supply fluctuations, poor quality, but also hides such as high-frequency pulse of this type of interference, coupled with human factors (such as sudden pull Gate power off, etc.). During the peak hours, for example, about one hour before going to work or before get off work during the day, and evening, it often exceeds the tolerance by as much as ± 20%. So that the machine can not alarm and normal work, and cause damage to the machine power system. Even lead to the loss of the relevant parameter data. This phenomenon, in the CNC machining centers or turning centers and other machine tools have occurred, and appear more frequently, should be taken seriously.

  It is suggested that an AC voltage regulation power supply system with automatic compensation adjustment function should be configured in the centralized workshop of CNC machine tool. A single CNC machine tool can be separately configured with AC voltage regulator.

  Second, it is recommended to connect mechanical and electrical equipment to a single power supply. If other parts of the electrical equipment (eg electronic circuits, electromagnetic clutches) need to be supplied from other sources, these sources should be as far as possible taken from the components (eg transformers, transducers, etc.) that form part of the mechanical and electrical equipment. For large, complex machinery, including many machines that work together in a coordinated manner and take up more space, more than one inductive power supply may be required, depending on the configuration of the site's power supply.

  Unless the mechanical and electrical equipment plug / socket directly connected to the power supply, it is recommended that the power cord directly connected to the power cut-off switch power terminals. If this is not done, separate power strips should be provided for the power cables.

  Power cut-off switch handle should be easily accessible, should be installed in the easy-to-operate position 0.6M - 1.9M between. The maximum recommended value of 1.7M. This will allow quick power cuts in the event of an emergency, reducing losses and casualties.

  Third, CNC machine tools for compressed air supply system requirements CNC machine tools are generally used a lot of pneumatic components, so the plant should be connected to clean, dry compressed air supply system network. The flow and pressure should meet the requirements. Compressed air machine to be installed away from the CNC machine tools. According to the layout of the plant, the amount of gas used, should be considered to the compressed air supply system network installation of frozen air in the coal, air filters, storage tanks, safety valves and other equipment.

  CNC machine tools routine maintenance

  For CNC machine tools, reasonable routine maintenance measures, which can effectively prevent and reduce the risk of CNC machine tool failure.

  First of all, for each specific performance of the machine and processing object to establish operating procedures to establish work, failure, maintenance of the file is very important. Including maintenance and functional devices and components maintenance cycle.

  Secondly, the air in general workplaces contains contaminants such as oil mist, dust and even metal powders which can easily cause insulation resistance between components once they fall on a printed circuit or electronic device in a numerical control system Decline, even the components and printed circuit damage. So unless it is necessary to make the necessary adjustments and maintenance, under normal circumstances not allowed to open the door, but also not allowed to open the door during use.

  In addition, the numerical control system of the grid voltage to be implemented from time to time monitoring, once found beyond the normal operating voltage, it will cause the system can not work properly, and even cause damage to electronic components within the CNC system. Therefore, the distribution system in the equipment does not have automatic detection and protection of the case to have someone responsible for monitoring, as well as to improve the stability of the power distribution system operations.

  Of course, it is very important that the CNC vertical drilling machine adopts DC feed servo drive and DC spindle servo drive, pay attention to remove the brush from the DC motor to avoid corrosion due to chemical corrosion, which is the commutator surface corrosion, resulting in change Impaired performance, resulting in damage to the entire motor. This is a very serious and easy to cause malfunction.

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