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Ningbo Tianhui Machine Co.,Ltd

  Tianhui Machine is an excellent production enterprise management. With the ISO9001:2008 and TS16949 quality management system certification. Own a full set of Silica Sol precision casting factory and Machining factory, with advanced CNC machining center and CNC production equipments, production technology inspection personnel with rich experience, specializing in customized parts, equipped with three coordinate to control the product quality testing center. And the integration of casting, forging, stamping, die-casting, cold extrusion and other more than 100 cooperation factory production resources, can provide customers from the mapping, mold design and manufacturing to production and processing, heat treatment, surface treatment, testing, packaging and other one-top service.   

   Production of a wide range of product , including parts of pump, valve, hardware, motor cars, auto parts, excavator parts. There are stainless steel precision casting parts exports to Japanese customer snow blower and pump accessories, Italy customer precision machining stainless steel glass clip and tap fittings, stainless steel Meat Grinder parts for Germany customer, RS Union Joint and automobile fittings, France sand casting cutting machinery parts and food machinery parts, aluminum auto parts BMW and Mercedes Benz customer service market, zinc alloy high pressure casting......   

   The company under the premise of ensuring the quality, optimize the processing technology, reduce production costs, so that get the customer's praise.


Cooperative Client

Material guarantee, quality clearance
Material guarantee, quality clearance

Purchase raw materials of Baosteel, Xiangsteel and other first-class steel mills, in line with the material standards at home and abroad, choose the best material, refuse inferior .

Can provide material composition test, flaw detection, metallography, salt spray test, scratching, adhesion and other quality testing

PPAP is available on a product basis .

Adequate supply and perfect details

Electroplating spray paint dacro excellent surface, anti-corrosion

Fine workmanship, smooth surface without burr, tolerance guaranteed

Timely quality according to the requirements of production, accurate and safe delivery.

High quality and low price, high-end experience

A company specializing in custom machining services .

Optimize the production process and provide the products with guaranteed quality

Professional with technology, quality, sales team, the whole process to provide services for you !

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