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Handle CMM

  Sophisticated instruments are used to examine precise products.For large parts, the precision requirements are high, the tolerance is small, and it is inconvenient to move to the inspection room to use the vertical three-coordinate inspection, so it will choose the hand-held three-coordinate field inspection.

  There are two categories of hand-held coordinates:

  A. Photoelectric CCD portable three-coordinate working principle: composed of sensor components, detection system, computer and application software and cable, etc.Among them, the sensor assembly includes a camera, mounting seat and tripod, and the detection system includes a measuring light pen, a probe set and a wireless communication device.Using precise digital photogrammetry technology, CCD measures the three-dimensional coordinates of multiple infrared light-emitting diodes (LEDs) embedded in the pen to obtain the position and attitude of the pen in space (six-dimensional parameters).Because the probe connected to the light pen is precisely calibrated, the position relationship between the probe and the light pen is uniquely determined, and the system can accurately calculate the three-dimensional coordinates of the probe points.

  B. Portable three-coordinate working principle of joint arm: intelligent sensor units composed of Angle sensor, temperature sensor, strain sensor and single-chip microcomputer are respectively set up in the joint and arm of the measuring machine. Each sensor unit is connected by RS485 bus and communicates with PC through RS485-USB interface.The MCU completes the data collection of each sensor and uploading the data to the PC. The program of the PC is completed by the virtual instrument development platform LabVIEW, which realizes the communication and data processing between the MCU and the MCU, and transmits the coordinate data to the standard three-dimensional coordinate measurement software POSCOM through the dynamic link library.

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