Cold Heading process to be used with production
Cold Heading process to be used with production
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Cold Heading process to be used with production

  As a professional machining factory, we adopt the most suitable machining process to precision process products, reduce the customer's procurement cost and production time.Precision casting, forging and profile processing are common.In addition, cold heading, oil extrusion and other processes are often used.Here is an introduction to the cold heading process and when it was used.

  A forging process in which metal bars are formed by upsetting (usually local upsetting) in a mold at room temperature.A head used to make screws, bolts, rivets, etc.Can reduce or replace cutting.

  Forging billet material can be copper, aluminum, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and titanium alloy, material utilization rate can be up to 80 ~ 90%.Cold heading is mainly carried out on special cold heading machine, which is convenient for continuous, multi-station and automatic production.In the cold heading machine, cutting, heading, aggregating, forming, chamfering, twisting, shrinking and trimming can be completed in sequence.High production efficiency, up to 300 pieces/min, maximum cold heading workpiece diameter is 48 mm.The bar material is automatically sent to a certain degree by the feeding mechanism, the cutting mechanism cuts it into blank, and then the transfer mechanism of the clamp is sent to the poly overstock shape and punching station for cold heading forming.

  This technology belongs to a category of cold forming, which is the processing method of punching, shearing, bending and stretching materials without heating.Cold forming process includes cold heading, cold rolling, die forging, etc.

  Main advantages of cold-formed steel structure:

  1. Compared with thick hot-rolled sections, cold-formed sections can be machined into smaller loads and shorter spans.

  2. Unusual section shapes can be economically obtained through cold forming and satisfactory strength to weight ratio can be obtained.

  3. Considering the compact type of packaging and transportation, nesting sections can be produced.

  4. No stretching and intangible change under the action of environmental gravity.

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