Tianhui Machine New Buying Optical Imaging Instrument
Tianhui Machine New Buying Optical Imaging Instrument
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Tianhui Machine New Buying Optical Imaging Instrument

Brief introduction of optical imaging instrument 


    Optical image instrument is a set of optics, precision machinery, electronic measurement in one of the precision length measuring instrument. It will need to enlarge the corresponding workpiece through appropriate multiple lens adjustment under the light source, the workpiece image is amplified and transmitted to the computer through a series of functions of computer software, measuring instruments to measure the size of the workpiece, the reverse engineering design purpose. 

 Features of VMS series optical imaging instrument 

    The VMS series is a type of economy 2D optical image measuring instrument, using high resolution 3DFAMILY color CCD, and is equipped with a laser pointer, can accurately measure the position of the just; OVM Lite version measurement software by Tai Chi Group, independent research and development, basic point, line, circle, point distance, angle measurement and basic function the function of coordinate translation, can meet the basic needs of the two dimension measurement; moreover the measuring data can be input EXCEL, WORD, TXT or DXF document to measure the graphical output for CAD design.

  Granite base and column. The mechanism is stable and reliable.

  1. X, Y axis with a grating ruler, accurate positioning 

  2. Z axis adopts a new design of cross rail counterweight, the lens under the lifting force balance, to ensure accuracy 

  3. Laser positioning indicator, accurately specify the current measurement position, convenient measurement 

  4. Lens: 0.7X-4.5X type 3DFAMILY-S continuous zoom lens 

  5. LED cold light source (surface light and contour light) to avoid heat distortion of the workpiece 

  6.  Days of machinery to buy video camera to use the photo

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