New View of Tianhui Machine Sample Room
New View of Tianhui Machine Sample Room
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New View of Tianhui Machine Sample Room

Busy empty time, re-arrange the sample room, whitewash the display cabinet, clean the baffle glass, clean and wipe to rearrange the sample.

According to the actual production and processing situation of our company, the sample cabinet is divided into: precision processing sand casting, precision processing stainless steel casting, precision processing steel casting, precision processing aluminum forging, precision processing steel forging, precision processing stainless steel forging, precision processing shaft, precision processing pipe, precision processing special-shaped parts.

For sample room area is finite, and segmentation such as precision machining, water glass casting precision machined aluminum casting parts, precision machined aluminum die casting, precision machining of aluminum alloy, zinc alloy die casting, surface treatment of galvanized, nickel plating, chrome plating, spray paint, spraying, oxidation, dacromet related to machining technology such as no fine listed.   

The picture below is a corner of the sample cabinet. Do you feel a bright moment?    

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