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Company Training
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Company Training

  With the continuous growth of the custom precision machining hardware business, the company leaders decided to improve the management, production and sales of the company through the custom training.We specially invite Wang Lian, the instructor of Golden Blue Alliance, to come to our company for guidance and training.

  And helped Manager Luo to determine the corporate culture of the company.

  Ningbo Tianhui Corporate Culture (version 0 1.0)

  I. Corporate vision

  For hundred years of Tianhui, first-class enterprise;

  Fight for three years over 100 million, plastic famous brand;

  Five years of listing, the realization of backbone shareholding.

  2. enterprise mission

  The world famous brand, the pursuit of excellence, building hardware industry

  Let customers happy profit, achieve a win-win situation;

  Let employees happy, happy realization of selves.

  3. Corporate values

  Integrity and enterprising, unity and dedication,

  It starts with the customer and ends with the customer!

  4. Business philosophy

  Keep improving, respond quickly,

  Integrity first, quality assurance;

  Serve the masses, achieve first-class!

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